Indie Coffee Passport Does Montreal

Eighteen coffee shops, 22 dollars, seven months and one passport. Java lovers across the city, rejoice! The superbly unique and coffee-opening concept of Indie Coffee Passport has finally travelled its way into our fair city.

For those of you that are not familiar with this ever-growing event, it basically gives us Montrealers a fantastic opportunity to explore our local coffee scene on a budget.

To break it down for you, here’s how it goes:

1. You buy an Indie Coffee Passport for $22 plus tax (peanuts!)

2. You then bixi your butt over to any of the 18 participating coffee shops between April 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013.

3. Each coffee shop will offer a unique list of five drinks for Passport holders to choose from; at each coffee shop, all you have to do is choose your drink of choice from this list. To see what each coffee shop is offering, click here.

4. The last task is to just kick back and satisfy your java addiction while the local, friendly barista marks your passport.

What a brilliant idea! Who are the creative minds behind this venture? Indie Coffee Passport was started three years ago by two coffee lovers who simply go by “Adrienne & Richard.”?Both Richard and Adrienne really loved visiting independent coffee shops, drinking really great coffee and experiencing the different vibe each coffee shop had to offer, so they wanted to encourage others to do the same. They wanted to promote the idea that a coffee shop is a destination and it’s been bliss ever since. The Passport has really opened people’s eyes to new, locally owned spots, shining light on locals that make our beautiful neighbourhoods thrive with passion and creativity. So go and support the little coffee shop around the corner, full of that Cafe aroma where we can all sit, relax, work away on our laptops and catch up with old friends. One cappuccino, please!