Have a Notable Nuit Blanche 2013

Tomorrow night (October 5th), the eighth annual Scotiabank Nuit Blanche will transform the downtown core for the beloved all-night art festival. The festival marks a chance to wander the city streets in what will hopefully be a warm evening as we take in the unusual exhibits and installations. The festival runs from 6:51pm until dawn and it’s truly impossible to see everything – even for the most seasoned Nuit Blancher. That’s why we’ve offered a few tips and our favourite picks…

Notable Tips:

– Don’t head out with a large group; four people max. You can meet up with other people after.
– Wear comfortable shoes; you’ll be walking around a lot.
– Do your research. It will be impossible to hit everything in one night. The official Scotiabank Nuit Blanche website offers “My Night Planner” to help curate your evening and share and coordinate plans with others.
– Take the TTC; don’t drive. Not only will the multiple road closures make for a frustrating evening, the TTC is offering special passes for the evening.
– Be prepared for longer than usual lineups at your favourite late-night food spots.

Notable Picks:

Smoke House, by The Everything Co.

The Vancouver artist co-op will operate a bicycle-powered cedar smokehouse all night long. Richmond-Adelaide Centre, 111 Richmond St. W.

Plastic Bags, by Pascale Marthine Tayou.

Picture a structure made of nets and thousands of plastic bags at Bell Trinity Square, in the festival’s environment-themed zone. The Belgium-based abstract artist’s work may cause one to ponder mass consumerism. Bell Trinity Square, 483 Bay Street (North of Queen Street West).

Crash Carsby Alain Declercq

Two driverless cars will auto-cruise at the same speed in two separate, but overlapping loops, as their trajectories combine in a figure-eight shape, where they will come dangerously close to colliding. Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen Street West.

Ferris Wheel,  by Katharine Harvey

This ferris wheel is comprised of two 15-foot tall rings, magically lit with colourful lights, which will move in a cyclical motion to create an endless array of colour. University Avenue & Dundas Street West. 

The n Games, by League.

Led by Vancouver collective League, MOCCA will host an interactive tournament of made-up sports and skill testing games and challenges. MOCCA, 952 Queen Street West (in the courtyard in front of MOCCA). 

Toaster Work Wagonby Kim Adams

This exhibit is comprised of tandem bicycles created by sculptor Kim Adams. Volunteers can ride the bikes, but there is a challenge. The riders will have to cooperate in order for the bikes to move; the handlebars face in opposite directions, meaning that riders have to cooperate in order to get the bikes to move. Osgoode Rotunda Laneway, 361 University Ave.

Forever Bicyclesby Ai WeiWei

The well-known artist will create a massive sculpture comprised of 3,144 interlocking bicycles that will be set in a visually stimulating three-dimensional pattern. Location: Nathan Phillips Square, 100 Queen St. W.

Campfireby David Hoffos

Master Illusionist will use techniques like video, sculpture and other technologies to create the illusion of a roaring urban campfire. Location: Cloud Gardens, 19 Richmond St. W

Paper Orbsby Marcin Kedzior and Christine Kim

Picture a monstrous origami float comprised of 6,300 orb-shaped helmets. They will be dismantled throughout the night and given to Blanchers passing by. Location: University Ave. & Armoury St.

Cover image courtesy of Nuit Blanche