From Studio Sleek to Cocktail Chic with Lolë Activewear

For those of us who have adopted the office-gym-dinner dash, sportswear that combines studio-sleek with cocktail-chic has become the ultimate wardrobe must-have. It’s not about creating a fashion show at the gym, but let’s face it: workouts feel a lot more fun when your gym bag is packing a little pizzazz. Whether you’re a Bikram yogi, a cardio dance queen, or a spinning specialist, a little fitness fashion flare can be just the trick to fuel your workout drive when that fifth cup of coffee still isn’t doing it!

Lolë, an activewear company that is becoming the talk of the gym world, has taken the studio-to-street concept to a whole new level. One step into Atelier Lolë and it’s clear that this is not your typical sports store. The vision behind the Atelier is to evoke a space where people naturally gather to talk: the kitchen. An oversized modern wood table, topped with iPads and accompanied by brightly colored stools lies at the heart of the Atelier. A pantry stacked with neat and nifty products (think floating tea strainers and eco-fabulous shower gels!) fills one wall, while an interactive social media wall with Instagram style photos spans another (high-tech heaven!).

I invited Katie Kepron, Lolë enthusiast, yoga instructor extraordinaire, and pioneer of Essentrics Training (a dynamic combination of yoga, Thai Chi, Pilates, Physiotherapy and dance – aka the best butt workout of your life!) to take me through her fan favorites. “I live in gym clothes so I love anything that is fun but also functional. Cool, comfortable, feminine, and of course a little flirty – those are the keywords.”

It’s no wonder that Katie – with her California-cool vibe and contagious enthusiasm – is a lover of Lolë. A brand born and raised in Montreal, Lolë is all about organic materials that feel as good as they look. In high-octane hues, ergonomic silhouettes, and techy fabrics (feeling is believing), Lolë’s inspired looks are designed to meet four criteria: products must be versatile, functional, comfortable, and most importantly, designed with a feminine approach – to make women feel beautiful inside and out. Now that’s a sure way to crank up your fitness fashion!

Katie’s Top 5 Lolë Must-Haves:

1) Mistral 2 Jacket: A sure win for Spring, this luminous fuchsia zip-jacket is windproof and water-resistant and scrunches right into your purse!

2) Lotus Capri: These laid-back lotus pants, made with organic cotton, will take you through every sun salutations with the calm and comfort of a Zen master!

3) Intense Bra: This cut-for-cool comfort bra is odor and moisture resistant, boasting super-supportive straps and funky good looks to match!

4) Serene Capri: Electric blue leggings are sure to amplify your workout – the perfect antidote to your closet full of black.

5) Mantra 2 Dress: This convertible tank-top dress is perhaps the coolest gym piece you can get your hands on. Move from the medicine ball to martinis by simply slipping off one set of straps.

Equal part thrill and chill, Lolë gear is sure to keep you on your A-game as you roll from the juice bar to the cocktail bar. Are you ready to flex your fashion muscle?

Atelier Lole
4075 St Denis St., Montreal, QC H2W 2M7

(514) 507-3907

4868 Sherbrooke St. West
Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1H1

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