Fresh Pickings Hit the Streets of Vancouver

FarmCity Fresh Cart is a partnership between Re-Up BBQ and FarmCity Co-op (comprised of 24 Avenue Farm, Barefoot Farms, Cherry Lane Farm, Earth Apple Farm, Farmers on 57th, Giddy Up and Grow, Urban Digs Farm and Urban Edibles). It’s a brand new way of ensuring you go local with a set of farmers market-inspired pop-up kiosks featuring an ever-changing bounty of local, sustainably farmed fruit and produce as well as products and snacks prepared by local businesses. 

Besides a veritable cornucopia of fruit and vegetables available in both bulk and pre-packaged portions, FarmCity Fresh Cart offers pastured eggs, local honey, preserves, sodas made from locally farmed fruit, as well as selection of snacks and salads.

Busy YPs can now skip the line at the grocery store and grab take-home artisan products such as bacon and cured meat from Re-Up BBQ, cocktail bitters and culinary extracts from Bittered Sling, seeds and merchandise from Victory Gardens, artisan pasta from Pasta Famiglia and cold-pressed juice from SPUD, as well as meat and deli products from pastured animals courtesy of local chefs. 

Re-up BBQ co-partner Lindsay Kaisaris shared that FarmCity Fresh Cart is an innovative, grassroots means of nurturing and growing a network that links urban farms with local restaurants and consumers. It’s allowed the co-owners the ability to pool crucial resources and generate profits and exposure for local farmers and small businesses that likely would have had a difficult time getting their name out otherwise. 

Support for small business, collaborative entrepreneurship and an added element of community giveback – definitely one for the Notable books.


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