Five Reasons to Appreciate Being Single

As we get into the mid-age range that still classifies us as “young professionals,” being single isn’t as fun as it may have been in university or even the first few years in the workforce. Gone are the days of endless temptation and plentiful options – most of the good ones are taken. Gone are the nights of carefree partying among like-minded single girls and guys – they all have early mornings and are at home crafting wedding invitations with the significant other they just moved in with. And weekends, though an appreciated time to focus on one’s (single) self, are, quite frankly, lonely. Being single is enough to consume even the most independent and hard working young professional. We’ve seen it happen. 

But, if we consider five benefits to being single, going solo really isn’t that bad. After all, you could meet the girl or guy of your dreams tomorrow and never have this precious time to embrace again. Here’s why you should stop stressing out about being single.

It’s All About You
Admittedly a cliché and common piece of advice to offer to a friend enduring a breakup, being single offers time to “focus on yourself.” It is encouraged that you take the time to better yourself productively; perhaps increase your workout routine, take a cooking class or volunteer on a charity committee. But you don’t have to. Being single can be a time to be plain selfish with your time and actions, holding yourself accountable only to yourself. If you want a taste of college nostalgia and to come home when the sun rises only to sleep all day Sunday, do it. If you had a bad day at work and don’t feel like uttering a word to anyone the second you reach the sanctuary of home, you don’t have to.

You Look Better
All glowing brides and pregnant women aside, people generally look better when they are single. We want to look our best because we could meet our potential mate any second, be it in line at Starbucks or a charity event, and to feel better about our single status and subsequent “13th wheel” designation. Because the single person can do anything his or her heart desires with their free time, they have more leeway to hit the gym, spend Saturdays shopping for themselves instead of for matching couples bathrobes, and all other personal maintenance that requires no further detail.

You Meet More People
One of the potential pitfalls to being in a relationship is becoming consumed with the other person in a loving desire to see him or her all the time. Problems arise when this becomes routine. YPs in such relationships may see their friends less or pass on after work networking or social events in favour of hurrying home to cook dinner with their SO (it’s lasagna night, after all). A stark contrast, the single YP is frequently out and about, is constantly introduced to other singles through their attached friends and is more open to meeting new people in general.

You Can Embrace Your Inner Free Spirit
Have you ever wanted to jump on a plane on a whim and take a random (and well deserved) vacation for a few days or even weeks? Or been invited somewhere last minute and scrambled to make plans for what would afterward become the best weekend of your life? Well, that’s a lot easier to organize when only one schedule (yours!) is considered. The single YP has a better option to be transient. Bored and disgruntled in Toronto, a graceful work exit, a few emails, an eager sublet tenant and a plane ticket could result in a new YP life in Vancouver. Yes, it is ambitious, but even if these things don’t end up happening, at least you know that you have the option.

You Get to Look Forward to Falling in Love
For all the benefits of a long-term relationships, there is nothing quite like the feeling of falling in love with someone for the first time. Although an increasingly rare occurrence as our work lives begin to take over, we become jaded and our mind takes over our heart, or our options seem to dwindle, nothing matches those initial butterflies. For single people, this is something to look forward to. At least.