Five Notable Vancouver Charities Worth Giving to This Holiday Season

It’s so easy to join the hordes wandering in and out of designer boutiques, shopping malls and along Robson Street these days – we get it, we’ve done enough damage to our credit card to prove it too. However, why not dial the store spending back a bit and put gifting funds to good use by supporting one of Vancouver’s many amazing charities this Christmas? It’s a gift with impact that keeps on giving. Here are just a few noteworthy local charities that ought to be on your list.

Quest Food Exchange is a Vancouver organization that also happens to be one of BC’s largest non-profit food exchange programs providing access to a healthy choice of affordable foods to less fortunate people. The organization has a network of food vendors and works and acts as a hub for collection and distribution of food to the less fortunate around the Lower Mainland. In order to ensure that nutritious, fresh produce and products reach these individuals, donations are needed in the form of food, money, or by ticking off items on their wish list.    

VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) is another great, locally-based charity in need of holiday assistance through donation. Its grassroots organization means your money doesn’t get lost in a quagmire of fees and helps the staff rescue, house and adopt out cats and kittens. If there’s a cat fanatic on your list, a one-time or monthly donation made in their name to VOKRA will definitely have them feeling warm and fuzzy.

The Union Gospel Mission is constantly looking for donations in order to help the homeless get off the streets around Vancouver. By providing a safe, warm haven for those less fortunate, they feed and help reeducate poverty-stricken individuals. Based out of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside with multiple locations around the Lower Mainland, their central building offers an escape from the cold with 72 beds, warm meals and support. Donations are always needed to keep things stocked and running smoothly (for under $4 per day). 

The BC SPCA always melts our heart with their cute critter campaigns to raise money for animals in need. You can choose to support domestic or wild animals, or simply opt to donate the shelter directly. With the launch of their new matching gift donation, your money is guaranteed to go a long way (before December 31st, all donations will be matched).

Share Society is a one-stop-charity shop if you’re not quite certain of just who (of the many) to donate to. As a non-profit organization that works to help families and individuals in the Lower Mainland, Share Society offers a variety of support programs and services that truly impact a multitude of lives. They help families in need, providing education seminars, senior support, after-school care as well as housing and even legal advice (to name just a few).