Feel Better About That Vacation South You Didn’t Take

Wind chill warning in effect. Just shut up; those five words are getting quite old. A friend’s Facebook status stated that he almost died of cold while waiting for the streetcar for five minutes last night in Toronto (and he is a tough guy). For the past few weeks, many Torontonians have been awakened from their winter slumber by thunderous booms that are apparently frost quakes in the frozen ground. Texts from friends currently remain unanswered because our fingers would freeze if we tried to reply while en route anywhere. We even kept our coats on in the restaurant last night. This is definitely the coldest we can remember it being in years. The worst part? Everyone’s holiday pictures of sun, sand, tans and warmth blasted across social media, along with hashtags designed to rub it all in everyone’s face (#notmissingthecold #takethattoronto), which make us really regret not splurging on that vacation. Well, here are a few reasons you can feel better about that vacation you didn’t take this holiday break… 

You saved yourself money
Even though we have a feeling that the parents are picking up the tab for certain lavish family vacations we see documented on social media this winter break, you can at least feel better about the fact that (unless you went on a major shopping spree or party bender to lift your spirits) you saved yourself money in not taking a trip. Hotel packages, flights and everything in between are at an all-time high during the holidays, after all. So, even if you can’t bear the cold and decide to head South in a few weeks, you will likely get a better deal and will enjoy less crowded airports, resorts and tourist attractions in the process.  

Remember that it isn’t always as good as it looks
We have said it many times before: people only post the best moments on social media, and this couldn’t be more true of their vacation. Though we don’t doubt that the vacations were/are all around lovely, remember that while a fellow YP’s social media page may boast beautiful beach shots, sunsets and the inevitable leg or toes in the sand shot, their vacation may not have been as amazing as they would like you to believe. For example, there is likely no mention about the three-hour flight delay, overcrowded airports, the argument that they may have gotten into with their family or significant other, the jellyfish that stung them, how they spent a day in the bathroom after drinking the water, or how the resort didn’t actually look as amazing in real life as online.

Returning back to work won’t be such a shock to the system
Just as the mind-numbingly cold weather will hit all of the returning sun-kissed YPs like a slap in the face the moment they step outside of Canadian airports, so will the Monday morning snap back to the reality of the office, deadlines, coworkers and a backlog of emails that will quickly end that blissful state of vacation mode. At least you will be just as well rested as your vacationing coworkers (especially since the cold has turned you into a total homebody), and you will probably have an easier transition getting back into work mode come Monday.

You may not have a tan, but your skin will thank you
Fine, your skin may be pasty white, having been unexposed under layers of clothing for months, and you may long for a sun kissed glow, but at least your lack of a tan is better for your skin. We are convinced that we gain a new wrinkle with every Caribbean vacation we take (even with sunscreen). And remember that horrible burn you got that one year on vacation? At least you’re avoiding all that. Speaking of skincare, you can probably still schedule a facial this weekend, so you can be even more fresh-faced on Monday morning.

Remember that this is a First World problem
If the biggest source of disappointment right now is the fact you missed the sun and didn’t ring in the New Year somewhere fabulous, you should consider yourself lucky. At least you’re reading this, you are warm, safe and dry, and probably full from a warm lunch. Even if you’re currently freezing your ass off waiting for a streetcar, remember that there are so many more people who are colder than you are at the moment who don’t have a warm place, comfy sweats, takeout and Netflix to look forward to once they get home. At least you have that.

If you’re still not convinced, well, you always have next year.


Cover image from: ionehellobeautiful

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