This Fan-Made Video Will Get You Excited for The Blue Jays Playoff Push… Even if You Hate Baseball

Cue the loud crowd, the slow-mo standing ovations, the thundering clap of the bat, and the shuddering energy of 50,000 people coming together behind one play.

And give me a goddamn narrator with an impassioned voice to get me through a minute of it.

It doesn’t matter if you hate baseball. It doesn’t matter if you’d rather watch paint dry than the beautiful simplicity of a 6-4-3 double play. This video will get you excited for the Blue Jays playoff push. (And probably make you wish all games could be played in under a minute.)

What’s that? You didn’t know The Jays just took control of the Wild Card spot? Doesn’t matter. By the end of these 50 seconds you’ll suddenly find yourself chanting, ‘Let’s. Play. Ball.’ all alone in your cubicle.

Probably because Ottawa-based student and filmmaker Scott Ewing, “took [his] favourite Raptors promo ‘We the North’ and dropped in some Blue Jays clips.” Oh, and he also added, “If this doesn’t get you jacked for the playoff push then you might want to consult a doctor… because you are dead.”

We haven’t asked any doctors about this, but he might actually be right.