Le Burger Week, Montreal Edition

Attention Montreal Burger-lovers: The fourth installation of Le Burger Week is already underway and will run until September 7th.

Making its grand debut in 2012, Le Burger Week is a weeklong festival that sees more than 40 Montreal restaurants create a unique burger consistent with their overall concept and cuisine. These participating restaurants offer a special ‘burger price’, and burger-lovers – aka you – are encouraged to vote for your favourite.

Don’t worry vegans, they’ve got you covered too.


To get the scoop on the summer’s meatiest event, we spoke to Na’aem Adam, co-founder, foodie extraordinaire, and man about town to learn how to best attack Burger Week, its history, and the newest addition to the Adam family. 

Na'eem Adam helping Thierry Rassam with his #LeBurgerSelfie - Le Burger Week[2]

Who are the faces behind Le Burger Week?
Thierry Rassam and I are co-founders with our awesome team of about 10, including the incredible Renée.

How did it all start?
A heated debate on who had the best burger that escalated very quickly… We started off as a big team with erratic goals. Differences brought us down to two, and we’ve been growing ever since.


Taverne Gaspar

Are you just obsessed with burgers?
Yes! Completely. It’s part of our lives now. But our real obsession comes from bringing people together through fun food. Something that stems from our backgrounds and upbringing. Our moms taught us well.

For newcomers, how does Burger Week work?
Download the app here, find a few friends, and visit as many of the official burger restaurants as you can. Eat a burger, vote if you liked it, and repeat! It’s a guilt-free week, topped with fun with over 200 choices throughout Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and even Port-au-Prince.



Do you have any favourite recipes?
Thierry and I would both agree that bread is important. Don’t ignore the quality of the bun when making your burger. I particularly eat with my eyes as well. If I can Instagram it, it’s probably good.

You just had a baby and you’re literally doing 100 things, how are you managing it all?
I got my eggs in different baskets I guess. My team is phenomenal. I think a big component of reaching success comes from the ability to choose who stays with you and who you chose to work with. From your life partner, business partners, assistant and even the investors you chose to grow with. So I’M not doing 100 things at once, WE are doing 100 things at once.



Any piece of advice for young professionals that are scared to follow their dreams?
If you’re scared, you might be on the right track! Nothing worthwhile is easy I’ve realized. When I reach closer to my goals, and I feel that my dreams are being actualized, I’ll answer this question again. For now, I read a lot about human behaviour, success stories from people I admire, and I have a very busy schedule with a “get shit done” attitude. I fail a lot; I keep positive and share my ideas as much as possible.