Canadian Tennis Pro Eugenie Bouchard Bet A Date On Twitter, Lost

Canadian tennis sensation Eugenie Bouchard made headlines when she agreed to go on a date with a complete stranger after losing a Twitter bet. Bouchard making headlines again after enjoying her first date so much that she agreed to a second one.

Bouchard made a bet with John, just an average guy, on Twitter during the Super Bowl. Bouchard bet that the Pats couldn’t make a comeback and Average John bet that they could, and then they did. The wager was a date and, when she lost, Bouchard made good on the bet.

Image: Global News

Image: Global News

For their first date, Bouchard and Average John met in New York City (she flew him in for the occasion) to takeĀ in a Brooklyn Nets game. Allegedly, the date went so well that a second date is already on the books.

PR stunt? Yes, but Bouchard and Average John seem to be really into each other nonetheless.

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