These Robotic ‘Touching’ Gloves Could Save Long-Distance Relationships

Distance used to make the heart grow lonely, sad and frustrated for couples separated by geographical barriers. Now, genius developers have helped out long-distance lovers with a total game-changer: Flex-N-Feel, a new pair of super high-tech gloves that lets two people in different locations engage in any type of touching that they want — yes, any type.

The product consists of a “sender” glove that one person moves and a “receiver” glove that vibrates in response to those movements. It enables couples to take a walk together, give massages or even enjoy a movie night in, even if thousands of kilometres and a plane ride separates the two of you.

Image: Distractify

Image: Distractify

“Users can make intimate gestures, such as touching the face, holding hands, and giving a hug,” said Carman Neustaedter, an associate professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University in a press release. Her lab helped develop the technology. “The act of bending or flexing one’s finger is a gentle and subtle way to mimic touch,” she says.

Taking the idea a step further, Neustaedter’s lab is currently working on a system that lets someone else look through your eyes in addition to one that live-streams your activities for all of your partner’s “viewing pleasure.” Perhaps most eerie/amazing creation of the team is an already-created telepresence robot. The robot displays your face live on its head while you control its motion.

Image: Gizmag

Image: Gizmag

The idea is that couples can enjoy virtual dates without restricted motions.

“Long-distance relationships are more common today, but distance doesn’t have to mean missing out on having a physical presence and sharing space,” said Neustaedter.

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