Crowdfunding Campaign Raises Over $70k in One Day to Restore Arson-Hit Peterborough Mosque

Within 48 hours of learning that Peterborough’s only mosque had been deliberately set afire, residents¬†have rallied to restore the Muslim community’s place of worship.

The arson attack, which has been cited as a hate crime, is estimated to have caused up to $80,000 in damage. A crowdfunding campaign to rebuild the mosque has already raised over $71,000, with hundreds of people offering messages of support.

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“This is embarrassing and disgraceful behaviour that has no place in the world, let alone in Canada,” said one commenter, who donated $50. “I am deeply sorry and only hope the response of love will be greater than the response of hate.” Individual donations have been as high as $1,500.

“So extremely sorry and sad to hear about the destruction to your place of worship. Wishing you a quick and well-supported rebuild,” said another contributor.

Church groups in the area have also stepped up to offer Muslims space for worship until¬†Masjid Al-Salaam, which translates to “Mosque of Peace,” is restored.

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