Channing Tatum’s Interview With This Autistic YouTuber is Too Adorable

A recent Channing Tatum interview may be one of his best – and one you may even want to watch for a second time.

It all has to do with the host and her bold and juicy questions.

In the first interview for the inaugural episode of her YouTube talk show, “Speechless,” Carly Fleischmann won over Tatum with her charm, which drew lengthy laughs from the actor. Aside from her witty questions and bold flirting, what’s different about Fleischmann is that she has nonverbal autism. She conducts the interview through a communication device.

Fleischmann was diagnosed with autism and oral-motor apraxia at the age of two. At the time, doctors predicted that she would never develop beyond the mental capabilities of a small child. In watching the video, it’s pretty clear that she proved them wrong.

Fleischmann’s sense of humour shines through in the interview – whether she’s asking Tatum about how many girls he took home while working as a stripper, or which of his Hollywood friends he’d forbid his daughter from dating in the future (she is currently three years old).

“He has been a stripper, a police officer, a secret agent, a reporter, a boyfriend to many, and soon he will dump his wife to be with me,” she says before proceeding to playfully flirt with him throughout the interview.

Check it out for yourself (and really, could you love Channing any more?):