9 Things Every Modern Groom Should Have on Their Wedding Day

We’re not saying you have to be as skilled with a suit as 007, but you should probably try.

And thankfully, the days of guys having to pretend they don’t care are long gone. After all, the modern groom is an emotionally intelligent man who’s as much in touch with his sense of style as he is with his feelings.

And we feel a lot.


So if you’re considering stepping up (and suiting up) for your big day, here are 9 things every modern groom should have on their wedding day.

Made-to-Measure Suit
Don’t settle for anything less than custom-made, fits-like-a-glove perfection. This is your big day, which means you should be the best dressed guy at the wedding. Full stop. Make sure you look and feel amazing in your suit. Oh, and that you can dance like hell in it too.


Indochino Essential Grey Sharkskin Suit, $599 CAD.

Pocket Square
The perfect pocket square peeking out of your jacket is all you need to give that aforementioned custom suit even more of a stylish look. It can make a dark suit seem light, turn a simple suit suave, and even help you out once those dance moves lead to sweating. Not to mention, the folding options mean endless style creations await.


Statement Socks
If ever there’s been a day to look good from the ground up, this is it. Make your outfit pop with an injection of colour from your fashion-forward socks. The right striped pair will add a touch of fun, while a more serious duo can simply break up your pants and shoes if they’re too similar in colour.


Whether you go quirky or classic, having some special cufflinks for your wedding is always a good idea. From your name in monogram to the date etched in silver, cufflinks belong to a tradition that stylish men should follow rather than forget.


A Gift For Your Bros
The Groomsmen probably organised your bachelor party, listened to you talk about the big day for months on end, put up with everyone you dated before you found your future wife, and dropped some hard earned cash on their suits to make your wedding (photos) perfect. It’s time to pay them back with a meaningful gift. Nothing over the top, but a shot glass with their name on it is certainly far below the benchmark.


A Prepared Toast
It’s just every important person in your life who’ll be in the room, NBD. So call it “impromptu” all you want, but make sure you have some solid words to go with your raised glass of champagne when the time comes. There will be a lot of people feeling a lot of feels – luckily, your well-crafted speech will hit all the right spots. Pro tip: Less is more here, don’t go on forever just because you’re picking up the tab.


Do not, we repeat, do NOT turn up drunk to your wedding. But consider having a flask of your favourite drink on hand to give yourself a little Dutch courage before you say I do. This isn’t to suggest you’re not entirely sure of your marriage, but rather that public speaking in front of dozens of people unsettles even the best of us. Cheers to that.


A Killer Watch
Not only will wearing a watch make sure you won’t be late for your own nuptials, a classic timepiece can be as long-lasting as the vows you’re about to take (seriously, choose wisely and you’ll be leaving it to your kids). As well, rocking a ridiculously expensive watch on your wedding day is one of the only occasions you won’t look like a douche – you’ll just look like you care.


The Right Person Standing Next to You
All of the above doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not standing across the aisle from the love of your life. Hopefully you’ve been fortunate enough to find someone who feels the same way. And hey, if you’re really lucky, they’ll even help you finish that flask before you hit the dance floor together.