Cards Against Humanity is Going to Create Jobs for Women

The raunchy, easily offensive, but always-reliable party pleaser, Cards Against Humanity, is actually restoring our faith in humanity.

Ok, that’s a stretch.

But the game is now doing some good – and maybe even causing less drunken fights in the process.
Yesterday, the company released a new 30-card expansion that’s entirely science-themed and will benefit a new scholarship with its proceeds. The scholarship will offer women who wish to pursue undergrad degrees in science, engineering, and technology tuition to college for the full four years.

The company’s co-founders say they’d like to see more women in such professions.

All applications for the scholarship – which will start for the 2016 school year – will be reviewed by a board of 40 powerful females in science, who have worked at NASA, Harvard Medical School, and the National Science Foundation.

As for the new game pack, it retails for $10 USD. The cards are wittily written by Zach Weinersmith, who is known for his webcomic “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal,” and Phil Plait of the blog Bad Astronomy

Just because the nerdier set is based on science, don’t expect it to be any safer or more PG than the rest. 
While you may want to encourage any super talented teenaged nieces you have to apply for the scholarship – you may not want to play the game with them. 


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