Viral Video: Canadian Mayor Learns How to Wear a Turban and Dance Bhangra

Sikh and Punjabi culture are strong in the Yukon.

A video has gone viral around the world that show Whitehorse mayor Dan Curtis learning how to wear a turban and dance to Bhangra.

The video was posted by renowned dance teacher and author Gurdeep Pandher during a meeting between the two that culminated in ceremony officially declaring Whitehorse a “diverse community.”

“Thank you for bringing the diversity… I firmly believe because of people like yourself, having these amazing customs, you make our city, our territory, and our country so much stronger. I cannot thank you enough. And I am so proud to have you here in our city to call home. Thank you,” said Mayor Curtis in the video.

Canada is home to over half a million Sikh citizens, which account for around 1.5 per cent of the national population.

Check out the awesome gesture below: