This Awesome Gadget Turns Your Food Waste Into Fertilizer in 24 Hours

Have you ever wished there was something that could turn your food waste into something more meaningful?

Well, good news, because that something has arrived.

The Zera Food Recycler was created to yield a positive from food waste, which the average family creates 400 pounds of every year. The process is as easy as swiping food off your plate and into a garbage – simply discard your leftovers into the food recycler and let decomposition do the rest.

A combination of oxygen, moisture, heat and mixing turns a week’s worth of food waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer for soil. It can even be operated by an app.

Zera will be available in test markets this summer, with a full retail launch to follow. It doesn’t come cheap, though – it’s expected to hit shelves for around $1500 CDN.

Check it out: