Calgary Coffee Shop Launches Self Serve ‘Honour Bar’, Trusts You’ll Pay

Standing in line and impatiently waiting for a barista to finish making your coffee could soon be a thing of the past.

A Calgary based coffee shop has found a way to keep customers happy and baristas calm by rolling out an “honour bar.”

Monogram Coffee’s new coffee system encourages customers in a hurry to pour their own coffee. Once poured, customers can use a provided tablet to swipe their cards and pay for their order. In other words, it’s quick and pain free.

There are still baristas in the coffee shop of course, they’re pouring drinks at a separate espresso bar in case any coffee related emergencies arise.

Owner Jeremy Ho says the honour system helps his staff meet the needs of Calgary’s fast-paced downtown crowd.

“We trust them to pay. We don’t really even police it,” said Ho.

Sarah Lawrynuik/CBC

The self-serve bar allows customers to to choose freshly brewed coffee from a selection of converted beer taps before ringing themselves out through a tablet register system.

Monogram Coffee isn’t the only retailer to put faith in its customers. A grocery store in Sweden has recently opened an around-the-clock (24/7/365), unstaffed convenience store.

Just when people started having so much trust in consumers we can’t say, but we’re hoping something like this makes its way to Toronto asap.