How Successful Companies Nail Employee Productivity

Times have changed from the traditional mindset that the more you pay your employees, the more productive they’ll be.

Sure, seeing extra zeros on your paycheque is motivation to work harder, but the old adage that money doesn’t buy happiness is true. Employees need to be happy in order to be productive, and companies need to start taking note.

We’ve taken a look at some of the most successful companies and to see what keeps their employees motivated and happy…


Corporate Culture
Any employer that has invested the time to develop a corporate culture can tell you that it’s one of the biggest factors in a company’s success. Working for a company that believes in culture means that everyone, from the interns to the CEO, share the same values and are constantly on the same page, resulting in everyone working as a cohesive unit. A company that continues to kill the corporate culture game is Klick Health, who believe that cultivating the right environment attracts and engages the best people.

Give Them Autonomy 
Having autonomy in the workplace is incredibly important because it enables workers to feel more in control of their job. This can be achieved by allowing them to set their own schedules, or having more freedom to determine how certain projects should be completed. Netflix only likes to hire people that are self-motivating, and self-leading. They believe that they will continue to attract and nourish innovative people by implementing more freedom in the workplace as the company grows.

Create a Productive Workspace
Implementing unique workspaces promotes collaboration, creativity, and productivity in the modern office. Google’s various offices and campuses around the globe reflect the ultimate nerd playground, with playful colour schemes, free food, relaxation rooms and collaborative hammock workspaces. Because of this, Google employees are constantly inspired and motivated in the workplace.

Photo: No Home Design

Compensate Employees for Their Contributions
Everyone wants to feel confident in their positions, so employers need to look beyond regular employee benefits and remind them why they’re important to the company. Receiving recognition for a job well done is a great motivator, and DHL Express has taken note of this. DHL takes pride in thanking employees for their contributions, no matter how big or small – whether that’s through monetary rewards, honouring top performers, or pinning notes of appreciation on the company cork board.

Offer Employees Resources to Flourish
In order for workers to develop, they need access to resources that will help them flourish. A big component of this includes having mentors that can assist workers reach their full potential. At M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, mentoring is a huge priority, as it helps employees develop professional goals and connect with colleagues. This commitment to grow at all levels – not just senior leaders – shows employees there’s a future for them.

Encourage Social Interactions Outside of Work
When coworkers get together off the clock, it not only strengthens relationships, but it adds an enjoyable social dimension at work. When colleagues feel connected, productivity significantly improves. Here at Notable, all of our staff participates in a monthly team building activities, from comedy shows to escape rooms.