Buck-a-Beer Will Be Back in Time for Labour Day in Ontario

Doug Ford is wasting no time in delivering on his campaign promises.

Speaking at a press conference this morning in Prince Edward County – that’s wine country, for you beer snobs – the Ontario premier said he will introduce legislation that will lower the minimum price of beer to $1. Students across the province, rejoice!

Ford says he expects buck-a-beers to be back on shelves across the province by August 27th. The current minimum price for a bottle of beer in Ontario is $1.25, which is totally, definitely not why Kathleen Wynne lost the election, no way. (For the record, Liberal premier Dalton McGuinty made away with buck-a-beers in 2008).

“Nobody is being forced to lower their prices and there will be no subsidies or tax handouts,” Ford told reporters. So, what’s the incentive for breweries to lower their prices? A game, of course! Ford made reference to a “buck-a-beer challenge” that awards brewers in-store promotions and advertising advantages. To that end, he said “those who get there first will be recognized throughout the year.”

It appears not everyone is on board.

Now that we can wave a ‘mission accomplished’ banner over what can only be considered a legacy-defining achievement, Ford can concentrate on fulfilling his less challenging promises – reducing hydro bills and income tax, reforming education (which includes reverting back to the 1998 sex ed curriculum in Ontario schools), and balancing the budget.

Will any of this be achieved? Perhaps everyone will be too drunk to notice.