Brazil Will Waive Visas for Canadians for 90 Days During the Olympics

Sports fans hoping to see Michael Phelps in action at the 2016 Rio Olympics will now have a much easier time getting into the country, as the Brazilian government has made travel easier by eliminating visa requirements during the games.

The change in visa process will lend a hand to those with busy calendars, as the current visa process, while straightforward, can be time consuming and tedious.

According to the Visa Service of Canada, the Brazilian government passed a new law authorizing visa-free tourist entry into Brazil for 90 days during the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro – June 1st through September 18th.

Canadian travellers do need to note that entry permits cannot be extended, and that usual visa rules will apply once the Olympics are over.

This waiver also improves travel for those not planning on attending the Rio Olympics. Canadian travellers entering Brazil during this period are only required to have a valid Canadian passport.

Currently, Toronto travellers hoping to head to Brazil are required to fill out a lengthy online visa application, write a detailed letter describing your trip, and provide another round of required documents. You then must visit the Brazilian consulate on multiple occasions, which can be challenging for those not living close to its Bloor street location.

Canadian travellers also need to pay $97.50 for the visa and then a $95 service charge, which can really add up if you’re planning on travelling with your family or a group of friends.

Another frustrating component is that you’re required to leave your passport with the consulate while your visa is being processed for days at a time. This can be tricky for those who travel frequently for work and need their passport readily available.

The waive of visas for the games will definitely appeal to the spontaneous types who have the ability ump on a plane and make their way to Rio last-minute.