Is This the Modern Farmhouse of Your Dreams? Yes, Yes It Is.

There’s few things we enjoy more than some serious #housegoals.

And this week we’re eyeing up a 100-acre modern farmhouse near Orangeville, Ont., that serves as a luxurious private estate and an ultimate playground for millennials.

Located just an hour north west of Toronto, the “Luso” farm, meaning luxury in Italian, is a gated property surrounded by lush trees and beautiful wildlife. And for only $3.9 million, this dream property can be yours.

The space comes with some impressive amenities, so hold of on calling the asking price a shock until you check them out. The modern farmhouse comes with a functioning bowling alley, arcade, poker room, humidor, and an indoor pool (and these are just the cool perks on the inside).

The rooms in the space were built with vaulted ceilings, which maximizes each room’s use, showcasing clean lines and modern finishes.

When you get tired of enjoying the internal luxuries, take a step outside and you’ll have access to ATVs, dirt bikes, snowmobiles, an archery range, full basketball and tennis courts, and an 800-foot-long zip-line course that sends thrill-seekers on an exhilarating tour of the farm.

The original owner also diverted a water body to create two freshwater ponds where you can go fishing.

So if you’re in the market for a weekend retreat, or a resort-style home just over an hour from Toronto, this just might be your dream home. And if it is, please, please invite us up for a few days.