Big Love Ball Bounces Into More Lives

Vancouver lit up the map when Big Love Ball started appearing at social gatherings.

Since then, this ball has gotten around, travelling all over the world. Which works well, considering the creators of Big Love Ball believe the word ‘love’ is the world’s brand.

And now they’re spreading that love in a different way.

The Fur Crying Out Loud T-shirt, launched last week, is just the first of ten new T-shirts to come. With a portion of Big Love Ball sales already benefiting a handful of charities, this first t-shirt will support Paws for Hope

As if the Big Love Ball wasn’t already doing the right thing, they’ve partnered with a slew of young professionals – real local inspirations – instead of models. Follow #FurCryingOutLoud and you’ll see Kate Horsman, Charlie Kerr, Erin Ireland, Michelle Hutchinson and Meghan Williams appearing as messengers of this love for animals. 

Clearly the creators have a passion for words and phrases and the new series of statement t-shirts is just their first venture into future offerings that will focus on philanthropy and raising awareness for more worthy causes.

And we just can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  

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Photos by Sherri Koop