Best Toronto Patios: The Drake Hotel

Known as being one of Toronto’s best bars, The Drake Hotel comes alive at night with a mixed bag of everyone from hipsters to the Bay Street set. Home to one of Toronto’s best patios, The Drake Hotel is where you’ll want to spend your next Saturday night.

Whether you decide to test your luck on the dance floor, or mingle with other party animals on the rooftop patio, the Drake Hotel has something for everyone.

Locally known as being Toronto’s “hotbed for culture,” the Drake Hotel certainly lives up to its reputation. When people aren’t attending one of the shows in the downstairs section of the bar, known as the “Underground,” chances are they are dining, or sleeping (yes it’s an actual hotel).

If you’re looking for somewhere to hang outdoors while enjoying a cold beverage, then The Drake Hotel’s “Sky Yard” patio should definitely be at the top of your list. The all-season Toronto patio is available for those would rather enjoy Toronto’s night skies than bust a move to the DJ’s beats.

Commonly referred to as one of Toronto’s best patios, the must-see area is a favourite among locals. A portion of the Sky Yard is an enclosed dining experience keeps the frigid air of the cold Canadian winters outside. Once the weather warms, the outdoor patio is filled with people who want to enjoy some fresh summer air. The patio is beautifully lit with patio lights and is a perfect getaway from the loud music. The also patio offers the same best beers on tap that you would find in the main bar level.

The vibrant nightlife offers an unforgettable experience to anyone new to the place. Most importantly, as commonly misunderstood as the name is, no, it doesn’t have anything to do with the musician Drake.