Best News Ever: Eating Grilled Cheese Means You Probably Get More Sex

Apparently, there’s more goodness to grilled cheese than how amazing it tastes.

If you have a thing for grilled cheese, you’re probably getting more action than your friends who don’t.

A new survey by the dating social network site Skout says so.

Skout surveyed a total of 4,600 people. Thirty-two per cent of grilled cheese lovers reported having sex at least six times a month, whereas only 27 per cent of grilled cheese haters said they have sex that often.

Not only that, but the grilled cheese lovers are more generous and adventurous than those who hate the sandwich – and those are two qualities that are welcomed in the bedroom.

Eighty one per cent of grilled cheese lovers have donated their time, money, or food to those less fortunate. Of the haters, however, only 66 per cent report helping those in need.

So you may want to break that diet of yours and treat yourself to a gooey sandwich if you’re in need of a little action.

To do just that, here are 13 amazing grilled cheese sandwiches you need to eat before you die.

You’re welcome. 


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