BC Wines Coming to the LCBO

You may not have noticed, but if you look you won’t find a lot of B.C. Wines at the LCBO. We’re told it has a lot to do with complicated matters like taxes and economies that we can’t get into until we finish our PhD. We are, however, very excited to tell you that this weekend our favourite western province will be bringing in a collection of bottles to the LCBO Vintages section that are gonna blow your mind (and taste buds, of course). 

Featuring six different wineries from the Okanagan Valley, this Saturday, January 18th at the LCBO you’ll be able to find a Brut Sparkling Wine, a Gewürztraminer, a Chardonnay, a pair of Pinot Noirs, and an enticing little number called Freud’s Ego.

To demonstrate just how big a deal this is, the LCBO and The B.C. Wine Institute will be hosting in-store tastings at several of its GTA locations both this Saturday and the next. So don’t worry about any guesswork, just head to the LCBO, wet your palate, and find out which B.C. wine is going to be your new favourite. 

Imported from vineyards with sweet names (see what we did there?) like Therapy, Dirty Laundry, and Red Rooster, we thought we’d head out West to check out just what Ontario is getting into with these fun and delicious sounding grapes. Stay tuned for updates all this week from spectacular locations throughout the beautiful Okanagan Valley! We’ll be connecting with you over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Notable.ca to tell you all about our experience and get you primed and ready for Saturday’s big release. 

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Cover Image from: Dirty Laundry Vineyard

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Top photo courtesy Wine BC