Aveda Transforms Notable.ca Reader for the Holidays

It’s amazing what a haircut, colour and makeup can achieve when combined with the help of the country’s top beauty talent. We’ve been fans of Aveda for years, and their products have made our look for countless events. As you may recall, we were on-site for Aveda’s Born to Style contest last spring, where we had a chance to sit down with Aveda Canada CEO, and owner of the beloved Civello salon chain, Ray Civello. With it being holiday season and all, we naturally wanted to give a reader the entire red-carpet-ready Aveda experience for herself. Toronto’s Kacie Hollins was the winner of Notable.ca/Aveda’s New Look/Night Out contest. 

Hollins, who arrived at Civello’s Queen West location with her naturally curly hair in a messy topknot, said she was looking for a new look to accompany her search for a new job in television South of the Border. After a brief consultation, Aveda’s Creative Director (a man with a seriously magical touch), Krisjan Hayden, went to work at what he does best with a colour, haircut, style and makeup application. For your viewing pleasure, the entire process was documented in the contest makeover video

We caught up with Hollins post-makeover to hear her thoughts on her new look…

Would you consider yourself a risk-taker when it comes to fashion and your appearance?
Probably not. I try new, trendy things once in a while but I generally stick with what I know is flattering and comfortable for me. 

What was the most enjoyable/memorable moment about the makeover experience?
The whole makeover was so much fun! But I think the end when everything was done and I got to see the hair and makeup and everything together was the best part.

Were you nervous about the direction of the makeover at all? If so, what were some of your reservations?
I’m generally pretty laid back about my hair and makeup. After all, it’s all temporary. But I did get a little bit nervous when my hair colour was processing. I haven’t dyed my hair in ages, and when the colour was sitting in my hair it looked super RED.

What was your favourite part about the makeover: The hair colour, hairstyle or makeup?
My new hair colour ended up being my favourite part of the makeover. I absolutely love it! It’s a nice change for me since I’ve had my natural hair colour for so long, and I think the coppery red looks amazing!

Are you a consumer of Aveda makeup? If so, what do you like about the product?
I actually hadn’t used Aveda makeup until the makeover. I’ve used Aveda hair products forever, but the makeup was new to me. I really like it. I felt and looked quite natural, which is exactly what I want.

Is this a look that you plan to maintain? Why or why not?  
I could definitely see myself with this hair colour and cut for a while. It’s close enough to my real hair colour to look natural, but it’s a little more fun and the cut is easy to wear with my hair straight or curly. It’s also low-maintenance, which is perfect for me.

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