Architects Have Decided These Are the 10 Best US Housing Designs of 2015

When esteemed architects congregate to decide on the best housing designs of the year, you can be sure they’re choices are pretty spot-on. 

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) recently handed out the 2015 Housing Awards, and while we’re not industry experts by any means, the selections are quite impressive based purely on aesthetics. 

The designs were chosen across three categories – one/two family custom housing, multifamily housing and special housing – and judged based on a variety of factors pertinent to the kind of community they would serve. Part of the inspiration behind these awards is to “promote the importance of good housing as a necessity of life.”

And with the right talent, this is how great that necessity can look…

Via the Huffington Post:

1. Winner, One/Two Family Custom Housing: Studhorse; Winthrop, Washington.
2. Winner, One/Two Family Custom Housing: Bridge House; Kent, Connecticut. 
3. Winner, One/Two Family Custom Housing: Marlboro Music: Five Cottages; Marlboro, Vermont.
4. Winner, One/Two Family Custom Housing: Old Briar; Lauderdale County, Tennessee. 
5. Winner, Multifamily Living: Bayview Hill Gardens; San Francisco, California. 
6. Winner, Multifamily Living: Broadway Affordable Housing; Santa Monica, California. 
7. Winner, Multifamily Living: The North Parker; San Diego, California. 
8. Winner, Specialized Housing: 160 Massachusetts Avenue Tower, Berklee College of Music; Boston, Massachusetts. 
9. Winner, Specialized Housing: John C. Anderson Apartments (JCAA); Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 
10. Winner, Specialized Housing: La Casa Permanent Supportive Housing; Washington, D.C. 

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