Anju: Adding New Flavour To The Calgary Foodie Scene

Praise the foodie gods.

The latest and greatest new restaurant to open in town is Anju; a trendy Korean tapas eatery that’s going to fill a niche we never even knew existed.

What many YPs might not realize is that Anju, opening its doors on 17th Avenue, is actually the second evolution of Chef Roy Oh’s concept. Several years ago, the original Anju flew under the radar in Calgary’s dining scene and served as a well-kept secret in the Sunalta neighborhood until it closed in the hopes of finding a bigger better location.

While there’s nothing low key about the new space, long time fans of Oh’s food will be definitely be happy with the new restaurant. At the recent opening party, the tasting menu consisted of many items that you’d find on Anju’s previous menu, so whether you’ve been desperately craving Chef Oh’s dishes since the last time you had them, or you’re about to experience them for the first time (lucky you) – you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re looking for recommendations, the crispy tofu served with kimchi and citrus aioli, the braised sablefish, and the Waygu skirt steak are all a must.

And of course we have to mention the cocktail list, which is the cornerstone of any respectable Calgary establishment.

The food here is made to pair with drinks which all start with a minimum of 2 ounces of booze. Expect nothing less than truly outside-the-box sippers like the Black Moon Punch or the Tiki in South Korea.

Another notable feature about the new restaurant is the fact that it’ll be staying open until 1am every night of the week.

Just try telling us there’s anything more appealing than being able to bypass half-rate pizza or avoiding the trip to China town in favour of some sweet Korean fusion.

Simply put, Anju has it all.

A unique food menu with a respectable cocktail list to match. Original ambiance and late nights hours. This is just the next fantastic spot that’s continuing to entrench Calgary on the Canadian foodie map.


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