Montreal Actor Adam Reid Flexes His Versatility in ‘Who Lives There?’

Versatility is a prerequisite for actors that most in the business simply don’t possess on a deep enough level to propel them to greatness.

Montreal’s Adam Reid has it ingrained into his DNA.

On top of key roles in shows like 30 Vies and Toute la Vérité, Adam has aspirations of hosting national programs on networks like City TV, plies his trade in both fluent French and English, and features in nationwide commercials. 

Oh, and he recently starred in Who Lives There?, a Montreal-produced entry in the 24 Hour Film Race that has been voted into the final 24, which will be recognized at the competition’s official Awards Gala in Brooklyn on August 23rd. Not an easy feat, to say the least, considering the whole film had to be created in just one day. Did we mention he also played a pivotal role in the casting and production process? 



We caught up with the Jack-of-all-trades actor recently to talk about everything from Montreal’s film talent to what we can expect to see from him in the near future.

What’s the biggest challenge for you and your team in a production that’s filmed in only 24 hours? 
The unknown. Absolute unknown. How can you prepare a character who isn’t created yet? How can you prepare a backstory on a screenplay that doesn’t exist? The challenges were substantial but I was honoured that director Luc Sirois confided the responsibility of hand picking the actors I wanted to work with. Working with someone as talented as Luc made for a relaxed yet productive environment and was easily one of the top three partnerships I’ve built throughout my career.

How do you feel about your chance of winning the competition ahead of the August 23rd Awards Show? 
As a unit, we were very confident that our final product would be solid. We had the right actors, right team, right director, graphic designer and crew. We knew regardless what would come of this that the quality we were going to put forth would be very hard to ignore. We wanted to put something forth that the entire team would be proud of, a project they would want to share with friends and family, and then go from there.  

What does the film’s recognition among the final 24 say about Montreal’s film talent? 
It says: You might want to double check the talent here because the abundance of talent that we have in this film and city is incredible. The talent pool in Montreal in both languages is nothing short of amazing and our sincere hope is that the industry will pay closer attention to what Montreal has to offer.

Your film has had an incredible TV media blitz. How was that experience for you?
When you work on a project of this magnitude, the project needs a face and a voice. I am so humbled that the other actors have trusted me, encouraged me and ensured I always knew that the job I was doing across the various shows I was interviewed for has always been about the film and our team. It’s a huge honour to speak on behalf of the team to the media; members of our team have reached out to media outlets themselves as well and it’s been a team effort from day one.

Ultimately, everyone on this team wants this film to be seen, heard and shared. Doing Canada AM nationwide was definitely one of my media career highlights.

How does this particular project compare to your usual roles? 
It’s definitely different, with regards to preparation. I had no time to prepare. I had no scripts to read, I had no dialogue to work with, and no previous inspirations to build from. The work environment was quite challenging as we knew the time was ticking and had 24 hours to make this all happen. Pressure was definitely the key word with regards to this project. 

Give us an anecdote about your versatility as an actor. 
“A Jack-of-all-trades and a master of all.”  

Are you ever involved in the direction/production process? Would you like to be in the near future? 
This was my first time at the casting process. It was INCREDIBLE. I can’t say how gratifying it is to see your decisions come to fruition and to see your fellow actors progress and evolve. This is certainly not the last time I will be involved in production. I’m currently working on something so exciting that I can’t wait to come back to Notable.Ca with some news that will shake up the scene here in Montreal!

When you see a script for the first time, how do you put the ‘Adam Reid’ brand into your character’s execution?
I have lived enough for three lifetimes. I have friends of all backgrounds, I have seen everything of everything, and I believe that this wealth of knowledge is something that I tap into for a character. If it’s to play an Iranian on a TV show, I tap into my roots and our history. If it’s to host a show, it’s all about research. I bring a dynamic, bilingual and multi-cultural aspect to all projects I work.

What’s the next big project we can expect from you? 
I just finished working on a national commercial that is going to be AMAZING. Shot in Montreal, this commercial will make people laugh and will definitely be one of those memorable commercials you remember for a long time. I am also waiting for the most important phone call of my career as we speak. When it happens (not if), I’ll be glad to share this amazing news with you all.   

Where do you see yourself in five years? 
I said this five years ago and I’ll say it again today: I see myself being EXACTLY where I need to be.


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