‘Adulting’ Your Finances the Holler For Your Dollar Way

It’s the stuff we should all have learned early on.

Why was it mandatory to take economics but we didn’t learn about credit scores in Career and Personal Planning back in grade 11?

These are the kind of questions that Chantel Chapman, Founder of Holler For Your Dollar, raised after experiencing financial shockers herself in the early years of her career.

The questions, frustrations, and finding out that many other young colleagues and friends felt the same way inspired her to create a financial consulting firm with a modern take.

From teens and young professionals, to the vivacious new entrepreneur, Holler For Your Dollar is a jumpstart for anyone who is ready to dive into the world of “adulting” or entrepreneurship.

What’s adulting? For Chantel, adulting is plain and simple – paying bills on time, budgeting, financial responsibility (and eating kale).

Holler For Your Dollar’s series includes courses like I Wish I Would Have Known as well as group sessions that help to decode financial jargon with digestible information including videos, storytelling, tips, and tricks that will feel like insider secrets. 

It’s time to start actually owning your money. 


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