Adeste: Saving You Time On Bills

The onset of electronics, consumer mobility and technology has allowed offices to operate in public and virtual sectors. While some grab their coffee and jet through elevators to reach the top floor, others head to smaller-sized loft spaces to hack out numbers for hours on end.

One factor remains consistent between both job environments; everyone has to deal with bills and the productivity of services. Wouldn’t it be great to have someone helping manage your never-ending list of payments? Wouldn’t it be sweet to go to work and actually work, instead of waiting on the phone while ‘Secretary Suzy’ retrieves past statements and invoices?

Enter Adeste Global Managed Networks, a solutions provider in the communications sector already servicing over 5000 customers.

So, what exactly does Adeste Global do for small, medium or large businesses? Adeste seeks to manage and communicate on behalf of their customers, whether that be finding the best possible rates for phone services, lessening the burden of hidden fees, or helping to alleviate unwanted stress with collectors. Simply put, Adeste is the go-to management billing service that helps its clients receive maximum benefits without having them hassle with the process.

Having an objective third party act on behalf of your business can’t be a bad thing. Additionally, with so much more to control these days, it’s good to know about those governing bodies seeking to actually lessen your workload, not add to it.

“If we can’t find savings, we can’t be in dealings. Our Unify Billing Service saves clients an average of 30 to 60 percent of their total monthly communication bills—a savings that always far outweighs our fees,” states Adeste CEO, Enzo Scozzari.

Staffed by approximately 40 employees, President Toni Tino says a lot of their clients have been with them for 15 years.

“Our service is valuable to employees who don’t want to waste resources; a lot of the time you can never even be clear on what certain companies are billing you for; its simply not productive — so why don’t we worry about that while helping to eliminate the waste of time and frustration?” Toni furthers.

After a free analysis, (where Adeste does everything from reviewing contracts, tabulating costs as well as researching and fact-checking) Adeste will begin the process of creating the most beneficial deal.

Adeste is like a resourceful security blanket that provides comfort and quality on all levels of business. Admit it, you could use it.

Now if we could just have a service like this to help us out in every other area of our lives!

For more information on Adeste Global Management Networks please head here.