A Look at the Best of Sled Island 2014

Sled Island 2014 just wrapped up and we wanted to take a moment to review all the fantastic things that happened over the last week.

If we reviewed all the best shows of Sled 2014, you’d be busy reading until 2015. So instead, we’ve picked a short list of top-notch talent… 

The Operators were the last set to go on at the Republik and despite the late start, fans of albums like Expo 86 and Sound Kapital were in the front rows smiling ear to ear as they happily waited. 

Operators are a relatively new band lead by Dan Boeckner (who previously fronted Wolf Parade, the Handsome Furs, and still plays with Divine Fits) and despite the novelty of the trio, the performance lived up to our expectations with the same catchy electro dance (familiar from Handsome Furs’ tracks) with just a bit more of a punky edge.  

Killer Mike rocked the Republik on Thursday night. Probably holding the same weight class as a Kodak Grizzly, this sassy Atlanta rapper lives up to his name with a stage presence to match his physique and more charm than Al Green and a bottle of Kahlua. If this man were a preacher, we’d all attend church. Amen to hearing some great hip-hop this year.

There were a few strange shows on Friday but the most memorable was the social phenomenon known as Dan Deacon, the DJ with the personality of a Dungeons and Dragons fan club. Known for cajoling the crowd into doing just about anything, there were dance-offs, lots of running around the #1 Legion, and a massive human bridge that required a couple hundred people to pull off. This was weirdness at its best.

The show to see on Saturday was St. Vincent at Flames Central. She’s the girl with the voice of a mermaid that will leave you speechless with her incredible talent on the guitar. If you missed her this week and get the chance to catch her on tour, don’t even think twice. Book your ticket. Trust us.

A few bands to keep your eyes on…
Rhye, La Luz and Black Atlass

Best music venues in 2014:
Broken City, The Ironwood and Central United Church.

Best dance party:
The HI-FI.

Best places to hang out between shows:
The Palomino Patio, 510, and Wine-Ohs

Best sighting:
Jason Lee at the Ship and Anchor.


Dan Deacon Image: by Michael Tan

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