7 Ways to Earn Some Extra Money on the Side

Our cities are getting astronomically expensive – just take a look at the minimum amount of money young professionals need to live in Toronto, or what you have to earn to afford a house in any of our country’s urban centres.


For many, earning a little extra cash on the side isn’t just about indulging in luxuries, it could also mean the difference between enjoying life in a city or having to move back to the town you went to high school in.

With your day job in mind – and drug dealing/prostitution omitted from the equation – here are 7 ways you can earn some money on the side…

1. Renting Your Apartment on Airbnb When You’re Away
Heading out of the city for the weekend? Putting your place up on Airbnb is a great way to make a few hundred dollars with almost no time investment.

2. Driving for Uber
You get to be your own boss and decide exactly when you want to be available. You’re driving around in traffic all the time anyway – might as well cash in on it.

3. Dogwalking

We’re not familiar with the going rate entry-level dogwalkers charge, but most of the ‘pros’ are pulling in a minimum of $15 an hour for group walks and $25 for private walks in major urban centres.

4. Hosting a Bar Special
Do you know everything there is to know about Seinfeld? Do you sense Solitaire making a comeback? Pick a very niche interest you’ve mastered and build an event around it on a weeknight, when local bars are usually open to special promos that’ll fill booths. Release your inner nerd for a few extra bucks.

5. Refereeing a Sport
Everything’s pretty easy breezy once your’e certified – plus sports are fun. We suggest picking a sport where abusing officials is penalized, like basketball. Unless you want to let off some steam on weekends…

6. Tutoring High School Students
Granted, you should be pretty proficient at a subject. No, not sex ed. Maybe gym, though…

7. Selling Your Body to Science
The options here essentially limitless, and since we’re not doctors, we’ll stop short of giving specific suggestions. One thing we can recommend: do your research before letting someone with a sharp object take something from your body.