7 Reasons Why Live Comedy Makes the Best Second Date Option

We’ve said it before: especially if you meet online, the first date should be coffee or a drink at a cute Cafe. 

Not a stuffy dinner (what a waste of money if it’s a torturous experience), and definitely not a meeting at one of your city’s new hotspots… for all of these reasons.

But if that first date goes well, when we need a quick go-to for a second date the answer is simple: live comedy. 

Here’s why:

1. It Lightens the Mood
Even if you have the sense of humour of a comedian yourself, the first few dates are always a little awkward and forced. If a few laughs facilitated by some of your city’s funniest doesn’t lighten the vibe, then you know the second date will be your last. Consider it comedic streamlining.  

2. You Can Still Eat
Well, it may not be the healthiest or the most gourmet grub, but most live comedy venues offer a menu of eats to enjoy between laughs. Think of it as an entertainment-filled dinner date.

3. It’s Affordable
Not only is it dinner, but it’s a more affordable dinner than most of your city’s restaurants and snack spots of choice. And the drinks are way cheaper than those mixologist-crafted $20 martinis that your last date couldn’t get enough of (which you’re still paying off btw). Sure, there’s also the price of the tickets…but a trip to the movies is basically on par these days.

4. It Breaks the Ice
When it comes to comedians, few things are off limits these days. Of course, this means sex, relationships, and a slew of controversial subject matter. If there was any sexual tension or awkwardness, nothing breaks the initial ice better than a comedy bar – with the comedian doing the job for you.

5. It Reveals Comfort Levels
In breaking the ice, it also reveals comfort levels when it comes to how liberal (or not) your date may be. Trust us: taking note of what they laugh at (from the rude and raunchy to the tame and lame) to what they seem offended by (if anything) can often offer more insight than any dinner conversation.

6. It’s a Conversation Starter
Once the show’s over, it gives you something to discuss over a drink or walk to your car. Not only will you banter about the show itself, but it also offers an opportunity to bring up any of the subject matter touched upon by comedians – the good, bad, and ugly.

7. The Date Will Be Memorable  
Because a live comedy show isn’t something most of us do on a weekly basis, it makes for a date that will be easily remembered even if you would rather forget about it. 


Cover image from: istock.com/KyKyPy3HuK

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