6 Professional People You Need To Have In Your Contacts List

I think it’s fair to say that no matter how successful you are, everyone needs a little help now and then. You can be at the very top of your own field, but still find yourself lacking skills you need to nail a specific project, present a new idea, or a successfully pull off a fun social event. There are a couple business cards you should always have in your wallet – these are a few I recommend the most.

  1. A writer

I hate to be bias, but there are some people who really don’t have a way with words. You may be super amazing with software or numbers or coding, but just don’t know how to put together a pitch or creative proposal, which is totally fine. Freelance writers are usually happy to take on extra work, especially if it’s a small project that won’t take them nearly as much time as you would attempting it alone. Don’t feel like spending money on a writer? Most writers double as great editors. An editing fee is not nearly as pricey as actually writing the copy and will make sure your work is as compelling and error-free as possible!

  1. A graphic designer

While you may not be designing logos every single day, having access to a graphic designer really comes in handy. In today’s business culture, it seems that everyone has their own branding and digital media content – even if it’s something as simple as an Instagram icon. Graphic designers can create original content for you that you can easily repurpose throughout your career. Use their designs for business cards, website graphics, social media content etc. Personalising your own branded materials makes you look both unique and professional in comparison to competitors.

  1. An entertainment promoter/industry professional

“It’s okay, I know a guy,” is probably one of the most satisfying sentences you can say when shivering outside a swanky restaurant or club. Everyone likes to skip the line and maybe get an appetizer on the house. Aside from the personal benefits, networking with entertainment professionals is extremely valuable if your job requires you to entertain clients or have persuasive meetings outside the office. Having an ‘in’ at the hottest new steak-house or jazz-bar can take you from prospect to a partner in a snap.

  1. A lawyer

Anyone have Harvey Spector’s number handy? When having legal woes, a lawyer is obviously your go-to professional contact to either prosecute or defend. However, they’re also good people to know for advising you on signing contracts, discussing intellectual property for your own brand or business, as well as the general legal advantages and disadvantages to whatever opportunities may arise in your career.

  1. A financial advisor

It’s never too early to save – anyone in finance can tell you that. It’s a good idea to restructure your finances when making life decisions i.e. moving in with your partner, quitting your job, saving for a big vacation. Although we all rather not look at our VISA bill after a night of one too many glasses of merlot, it’s worth it to be honest with yourself about your finances to better structure your lifestyle.

  1. A mentor

When striving to the top of your field, it’s always nice to have an old-boss, professor, or idol in your back pocket. This person should serve as an inspiration for you to achieve new goals and work hard when you feel like slumping over at your desk. They can also be used for council during times of uncertainty, as they have tons of experience in your industry and can guide you to the best decision.