5 Things You Should Keep From Your Significant Other

We get it; your significant other (SO) may be the most important thing in your life at the moment (God knows he or she took long enough to find on your city’s brutal dating scene). They may be your best friend, therapist, pseudo family member and trusted ear to listen to everything and anything. Even so, there are a few things that you should probably keep from your SO for the good of both of you.

Your “Number”
Whether your number is a modest single digit, or nearing the triple digits (yes, there are certain guys we know where this is very much the case), as long as your sex life prior to finding your SO didn’t leave any “lasting reminders,” we say it’s nobody’s damn business. Sure, if you both want to have an open dialogue about it, that’s one thing. But it’s another when an SO demands to know how many others have had you. That conversation is only going to open a whole new can of worms and potentially leave you sleeping alone. 

Your Parents’ Monetary Worth
Especially in the early stages of dating, there is no need to reveal how much (or how little) your parents are worth. For starters, we are pretty sure that your parents wouldn’t appreciate someone who they may not have yet even met knowing their net worth, or lack thereof. Secondly, we have seen both guys and girls in certain YP circles who have admitted to being attracted to and dating someone because their parents had money. Don’t let this be you.

Your Gross Habits
One of our girlfriends once told us that her new boyfriend revealed to her that he sometimes, without realizing it, would wake himself up by picking his nose and eating it (though he assured her that he didn’t indulge in this consciously). Well, once she thought about waking up next to him in his bed – and what could potentially be in his mouth or where his fingers had been – she quickly pulled the chute. As far as ourselves, let’s just say that the request to “pop all the blackheads on your nose so that they erupt like a fountain,” did not go over well with a former SO.

Intimate Details and Pictures of your Ex
We admit, our girlfriends and us have heard and seen way too much about certain exes of exes – the good, the bad and everything in between. Just because your ex once shared intimate experiences, thoughts and even pictures, it’s by no means an open invitation to share that private information with someone who likely doesn’t even have a clue who your ex is. Plus, would you want him or her to share details or pictures of you? Not cool. Ever. 

Harmless Crushes You Have and People Who Have Crushes on You
Minor, harmless crushes on coworkers, friends and even celebrities is natural and can be completely harmless, especially if (obviously) not acted on. By the same token, there may be people who have harmless crushes on you, despite your relationship status. There is no need for your SO to know that your one co-worker blushes like a bumbling fool when you walk by – it will only make him or her dislike the said coworker and cause insecurity when it comes to work events. By the same token, he or she doesn’t need to know who in your office you find “pretty” or “hot.”


Cover image from: secretsvideos.tumblr.com