5 Restaurants That Won’t Let You Down in Roncesvalles

We’re back at it with another neighbourhood full of fine eating options (see our Queen West coverage here; Queen East here; Danforth here). Not simply content to be it’s own little picturesque village in the west end of the city, Roncesvalles also offers an abundance of foodie choices. Whether it’s a stroll in High Park that leads you there or you get to the end of Queen West and just keep walking, we promise you won’t be disappointed in the small-town feel of one of our favourite strips in all of Toronto. So sit back and let us take you on a little stroll through some of Roncy’s most steadfast restaurants.

The Ace – 231a Roncesvalles Ave
This is a diner done right. A reclaimed 50s feel, a milkshake mixer pouring draft, and a menu full of comfort food make The Ace absolutely perfect for any meal. We could get lost in the old booths or at the low lying bar stools (not to mention The Ace Manhattan – made with Crown Royal Black) any night of the week. If you’re into meals that make you feel good inside then the atmosphere at The Ace is exactly what you’re looking for.

Hopgoods Foodliner – 325 Roncesvalles Ave
East coast meets west side of the city. Whether you’re looking for some upscale oysters or a new, immaculate take on the donair, Hopgoods is the place for you. Decidedly Canadian, but even more obviously east coast, chef Geoff Hopgood has built a Maritime-themed spot worthy of making Charlottetown shudder in fear. Add a wine list longer than Robert Downey Jr.’s rap sheet and the fact that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendez have dined here and we’re pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Mitzi’s – 100 Sorauren Ave
This little Cafe might not be located right on Roncy but the slight jaunt over to Sorauren is well worth the effort. Known for having one of the best brunches in the city, Mitzi’s offers five or six options that seem to change every time you go (we desperately miss the kimchi, bacon breakfast sandwich!), which guarantees you’ll always find something new and delightful to try. Homemade, seasonally relevant, and locally sourced, these meals are best enjoyed with friends and several strong lattes.

The Westerly – 413 Roncesvalles Ave
French, family-friendly, and laid-back – The Westerly has it all. And that’s probably because they know what they’re doing. Industry vets Beth Davyduke and Tom Earl named the Westerly as a nod to their west coast roots but made sure to carry their fine-tuned love for all things French through the doors with them. Everything is made from scratch, from the pasta to the desserts, and an on-site mixologist makes sure all your meals go down smoothly. Of course, if The Westerly happens to be busy, they’ll just point you down the street to their neighbourhood friends – The Ace!

The Local – 413 Roncesvalles Ave
This is exactly what it sounds like. The Local couldn’t be any more local if it tried. With a dozen beers on tap, local bluegrass bands on stage, and all the rustic design you could shake an old tire at, this is one of the most relaxed evenings out you’ll find anywhere in Toronto. Add some pretty great pub fare (including chili!), friendly attitudes, and an abundance of – you guessed it – locals, and heading here feels just like heading home. We promise it’s the most unpretentious pint in the city – so you’d better stay for two. 

Cover Image: Hopgoods Foodliner

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