21 Songs that Will Make You Want to Fall in Love

Though there seems to be less of them since the days of sappy soft rock in the 80s and early 90s…we admit, we can be shameless suckers for love songs.

Old, new, cheesy, and borderline embarrassing – here are 21 songs that make even the most jaded heart want to fall in love.

And what better time than the fall to do so…

1) Out Loud – Dispatch
Just…every verse. Sigh. (Especially that part about their eyes meeting on a dead-end street.)  

2) This Year’s Love – David Gray
If you’ve ever had your heart broken – here’s to finding love again, being swept of your feet, and having it last forever.  

3) I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
Why doesn’t someone know “the strands in our eyes that colour them wonderful” dammit.  

4) Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden
Call it cheesy, but come on; don’t the lyrics just make you want to run away on a magical getaway with a new love? Salty, sun-kissed bodies…

5) Is this Love? – Bob Marley
Far from cheesy soft rock, this song just puts you in a feel-good mood in general. And suddenly a single bed for two doesn’t sound too bad …

6) Ho Hey – The Lumineers
Not only does the New York imagery pull at our heartstrings (who hasn’t had a romantic encounter in that city?), but if one of our exes wrote this for us…it might even bring us back around.

7) I Will Follow You Into The Dark – Death Cab for Cutie
Sure, it’s a tad depressing…but who doesn’t want to die side-by-side the one they love a la The Notebook? Just try not to choke up…

8) I Found You – Alabama Shakes  
These are lyrics that jaded, lonely hearts only hope will ring true for them one day. (Wait – they will, right?)

9) Sunshine Blues – Bahamas
Soothing, short, and simple. But the imagery of the union of sun and moon, which could never work because one’s going up as the other’s coming down, just ruins us.

10) Wonderwall – Oasis
Whether at an open mic session or on the car radio – this song will never get old as a love song of our generation. Whether it reminds you of your first love back in the day or makes you want to feel that again…

11) After the Storm – Mumford and Sons
Especially those of us who have had our hearts broken and remain slightly guarded…this one especially rings true. Sometimes all we need is a little reassurance.

12) Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton
This classic makes us really miss Saturday nights getting ready in the bathroom with someone we love before a big, memorable night out…

13) Perfect Day – Lou Reed
Drinking sangria in the park and feeding animals in the zoo sound like great ways to spend the day falling in love (especially on crisp fall Sundays).

14) Hold You In My Arms – Ray Lamontagne
Really, what more could you want than someone to love you when you’re completely broken?

15) I Just Called to Say I Love You – Stevie Wonder
Because these days, it’s just your mom doing so. And how nice would it be if someone else did as well?

16) I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men
If this doesn’t make you crave that first time with someone (especially after a long build-up), then we don’t know what will.

17) Marry Me – Train
Forget about falling in love, this song (almost) makes us want to get engaged.

18) All of Me – John Legend
The dating scene is more superficial than ever; how nice would it be for someone to love you for all your “perfect imperfections?”

19) A Case Of You – Joni Mitchell.
Don’t you want someone to love you so much that they could “drink a case of you?”. And, of course, still be on their feet.

20) Yellow – Coldplay.
Sure, it’s not the most romantic title. But the devotion behind the lyrics….

21) I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith.
We don’t know about you, but the realization that we’re in love has hit us smack in the face when we’ve watched both flings and long-term flames sleep. (It’s not creepy if you’re in love.)


Cover Image: tumblr-galleryhip.com

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