21 Must Play Wedding Songs

As is if you didn’t know, it’s wedding season. Which means you’ve probably already been to about 900 this summer and have 800 more to go.

So we thought we’d throw down a list of tracks we believe are must-plays for any wedding to move in the right direction. You’ll find old and new, slow and fast. The only rule is that the song has to be about love.

Warning: playing any one of these at your office may cause sporadic marriage proposals…  

Beyoncé ft. Jay Z
Crazy in Love
Couples who don’t play this at their wedding have a 93% divorce rate. Fact.

Can’t Help Falling in Love 
Your parents will wonder why you didn’t go with Elvis on this one. And that’s why they’re your parents.

Whitney Houston
I Want to Dance with Somebody
This is your Whitney go-to. Not even an argument.

I Want to Know What Love Is
What’s more foreign than love? An arguably depressing power ballad at a wedding perhaps… 

Calgary is one of our markets…

The Isley Brothers
This makes the dance floor shake. Every. Single. Time.

The Supremes
Baby Love
If you ignore the lyrics your hips will too.

Céline Dion
The Power of Love
If she’s going to make it, it’s gotta be for this. Actually, just play the chorus and cut the rest. 

Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris
We Found Love
And the winner for the most inappropriate video goes to… the singer who casts a look-a-like of her abusive ex-boyfriend to star alongside her.  

Etta James
At Last
The most romantic song of all time. Period.

Mariah Carey
Dream Lover
What epitomizes love more than the image of early 90s Mariah Carey in cutoffs?

Paul McCartney/Wings
Maybe I’m Amazed
Going with ‘She Loves You’ seemed a little too obvious so we left the Beatles behind because maybe we’re just a lonely man who’s in the middle of something that he doesn’t really understand

Chris Brown
Obviously Chris’ interruption of forever differs from ours, but damn if this isn’t a dance floor hit.

The Partridge Family
I Think I Love You
Love is terrifying – this is just a bit of folky real-talk.

Frank Sinatra
The Way You Look Tonight
Careful, Old Blue Eyes is still capable of stealing your bride from beyond the grave.

Bruce Springsteen
Dancing in the Dark
You can’t start a fire without a spark. #Truth.

Daft Punk
One More Time
Weddings are a celebration above all else. Play this at the end of the night if you don’t want the party to ever end. 

Van Morrison
Into the Mystic
Just Van breaking hearts by getting timeless on us. This is the kind of song grandparents are happy to put their canes down for.

Crazy Little Thing Called Love
If love is sane, you’re not. Who better than Freddie to explain?

Ben E. King
Stand By Me
This needs no explanation. We won’t do it. We won’t. Just listen.

Bee Gees
How Deep Is Your Love
The Brothers Gibb get falsetto sexy in harmony and you get to break out the one disco move you know.  

And 5 songs that should never be played at a wedding:

Savage Garden
Truly Madly Deeply
No one you know should ever choose to listen to Savage Garden.

Céline Dion
My Heart Will Go On
Nope. Walk out. Kick the DJ. Throw a rock. Just stop the music from reaching your ears.

Bob Dylan
It Ain’t Me Babe
It’s just bound to cause confusion is all.

Ugly Kid Joe
Everything About You
We find it’s always best to avoid songs with the word hate in the chorus.

Shaggy ft. Rikrok
It Wasn’t Me
Just not the perfect tone-setter for someone recently committed to life-long fidelity.


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