13 Winter Accessories You Need to Get ASAP

We’re Canadian; we deal with winter.

If you’ve ever talked to anyone from south of Ohio, apparently that’s one of our things. But some of us deal with the frosty months a lot better than others.

Is it a matter of perspective? A result of our genetics?


But what we definitely know is that “stuff” helps level the frozen playing field.

So here are the accessories you need ASAP if you want to give yourself the best shot at ploughing through the rest of these winter weeks with little-to-no freezer burn…

1. A Wine Rack
You’re going to go through a lot of this stuff, so we recommend storing it in an efficient and inspiring manner. Trust us; you may have a pet, but seeing one of these puppies will put just as big a smile on your face when you walk through that front door.

2. Cards Against Humanity
Hey – if the weather is allowed to be horrible, why shouldn’t you be allowed too? Realistically, any number of games will help tame the winter doldrums, but the best ones go really well with the consumption of warm liquids (e.g., Hot Toddy, Mulled Wine, Spiked Cider) and provide rewards for acting like you’re annoyed with the entire planet. You won’t find this game at Indigo, but the whole point is to not go outside. So luckily you can order it online from their website or via Amazon.

3. An Indoor Grill
Our barbeques lids may be frozen stuck, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoying a delicious plate of grilled asparagus or a steak-house style fillet with graph-paper-perfect grill-marks. Don’t just jump to get whatever your friend has, or simply replace the Forman you had in 2nd year University; do your research and you can find an awesome machine for under $200. It may not look like you have a backyard anymore, but it can still taste like you do.

4. Slippers
We know, we know; there was a time when we too thought that only crackheads and old Europeans wore slippers. And for the most part, we were right. But it turns out that those folks were on to something; warm, fuzzy stuff on your feet is amazing when it’s cold. Not to mention the wear and tear you avoid on your socks. #sheepskin   

5. An Indoor Sport That Isn’t Hockey
There are plenty of fun ways to exercise during the winter playing sports that are fun, social or both. Most major cities have indoor volleyball leagues, bubbles for tennis and turf soccer, squash courts, basketball courts and a plethora of dart boards. So get some friends together, sign up and stay active. Just not so fast with the whole Water Polo thing…that one’s just kinda weird.

6. A Netflix-Esque Streaming Content Service
Apparently there are about 6 million Canadians subscribed to Netflix. Which is approximately 19 million less than the number of Canadian adults who are cold and bored at this very moment. For $7 a month, or the $4 a month being charged for CraveTV, or the $8.99 being charged for Shomi, you can gain access to thousands of hours of entertainment and distraction from the cold. Think about how much you spent on your winter jacket. Or how much you just dumped in Starbucks this week alone. It’s a no-brainer.

7. A Popcorn Maker
If you’re going to be watching a lot of movies and television shows, you should also be eating legit popcorn that doesn’t come in a bag with nuclear warnings on it. Most of the good dedicated popcorn makers also look great. The only additional accessory you need to round off the experience is a Butter Melter, also known to some as, “a frying pan”.

8.   A Friend With Access to a Steam Room
There has to be an opportunity for this somewhere on Craigslist…

9. A Flight Search App
This is key to your mental well-being. Remember what kept Andy Dufresne alive in Shawshank? That’s right: hope. It’s important to remind yourself sometimes that no matter how cold it might get, a flight to Costa Rica is only a swipe and a click away.

10. A New Recipe
We told you before with our 7 Recipes You Have to Master for Winter, but we’ll tell you again: get a new recipe for something winter-friendly and take the time to perfect it. It will encourage you to be both occupied and social, because who doesn’t want to show off their new kitchen skills?

11. A Hooded Robe
Pajamas are for couples that want to exterminate their sex lives and for Ninja Turtle fanatics. But hooded robes? Well those are just for anyone who’s awesome and who wants to stay warm. The only question here is material. Silk is the funniest, fleece is the warmest, and velour is the most likely to get you a job with Don King. The choice is yours.

12. Epsom Salts, Green Tea Bags, and Bubbles
Baths, people; they’re the best in the winter. But just like any stew made of frozen body parts, you need the right ingredients. Epsom salts for the muscle relaxation, green tea bags for skin replenishment and restoration, and bubbles to cover your privates when you take a selfie.

13. Touchscreen Winter Gloves
You know they exist. And you know that the number one reason your hands get cold in the winter is because you can’t wait until you’re inside to send that witty text to your group chat. So just bite the bullet, go online and order a pair. And don’t worry about style; there are tons of options out there.


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