12 Things You’ll Experience When Moving from a Condo to a House

It’s starting to happen.

As they pair off (or even on their own), young 30-ish professionals are kissing their downtown condos goodbye and opting instead to purchase or lease a house.

Whether it’s in a cool downtown neighbourhood or in the tree-lined suburbs, there are 12 main things everyone’s going to realize when they make the move from a condo to a house….

1. You Won’t Have to Add Another Seven Minutes to Your Morning Routine
Your “out-the-door” time in the morning no longer has to account for slow and busy elevators. The traffic, on the other hand…

2. You’ll Experience Panic When You Forget it’s ‘Garbage Day’
And when this happens, you know you’re totally screwed. There’s no running to the garbage shoot at midnight, and those bags are starting to stink.

3. Your Small Talk with Neighbours Lasts Longer
Banter with neighbours is no longer confined to an elevator ride. Meaning, you could get caught chatting in the front yard for a good half hour with your Ned Flanders-like neighbor if you’re not careful.

4. You’ll Download More Music
That’s because you can blast it as loud as you’d like now that neighbours left, right, top, and bottom no longer surround you. On that note, you can also click-clack around in your heels all you want.

5. Your Maternal or Paternal Instinct May Kick-Start
You think those spare bedrooms, the yard, and the kid-filled neighbourhood aren’t all staring your biological clock in the face?

6. You’ll Begin to Hate the Snow
The falling snow has lost the beauty it once had from your condo window. Now you have to shovel it or pay someone to shovel it (not to mention you’ll have to purchase and lug around those back-breaking bags of salt).

7. You’ll Discover Your Green Thumb
You’ll take a newfound interest in maintaining a living thing other than your Aloe plant – meaning an entire lawn, plants, flowers…maybe even a tomato or two.

8. You’ll Get More Creative When it Comes to Decorating
The fact that you can choose any curtains you’d like, paint your front door bright yellow (if you want to), and have any type of patio furniture without having to answer to anyone is definitely going to inspire more creative decorating choices.

9. You’ll Miss Less Important Mail
You’ll miss less timely mail (like that shotgun wedding invite) when it conveniently gets dropped through a mail slot or in a mailbox right next to your front door. No more having to remember to check in the first place, walk to the mailroom, find the key…

10. Deliveries Aren’t as Fun
As opposed to having your trusted concierge sign for them, you now actually have to go and pick up deliveries missed while you’re not home. And yeah, that’s kind of annoying.

11. You’ll Get Rid of Less
Whether it’s clothing you haven’t worn in years or your old pair of skis, you’ll get rid of less stuff once you have a house. Your closets and storage areas are so much bigger than what you had at your condo that they almost make you want to hit every garage sale that graces the front lawns of your new neighbourhood. Almost.

12. You’ll Feel Better About Coming Home Drunk
You can come home after a big night out and not have to worry the next morning about what you said to your concierge or fellow partying neighbours in the elevator. And you’re more likely to show up at the right front door. We hope. 


Cover photo from: istock.com/Ridofranz

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