11 Things Everyone Needs to Stop Being Ashamed Of

Look, we like you. We really do.

Which is why we don’t like to see you get embarrassed, uncomfortable, or downright ashamed in anything you do.

So here are a dozen things that we all do that you shouldn’t feel bad about in any way. Let’s all stop feeling stupid together, shall we?


Working Hard
This isn’t grade school – pretending you’re not trying isn’t going to make you any friends. You’re young, ambitious, and you know what you want; don’t’ apologize for it. Of course, don’t overwork either. Balance is key.

Why does no one remember the all-important lessons we learned as children in Everyone Poops? Seriously, EVERYONE shits. Get over it. In fact, healthy people shit more. So do it at the office, in a public washroom, at someone’s house – whatever. This is not a big deal – stop making people have to hide it.

Admitting You Don’t Know Something
From an office meeting to a first date, be secure in what you know. But also be secure in knowing that you don’t know everything. Being able to admit you don’t know something, and that you want to learn is one hell of an underrated and sexy trait.

Being Passionate About Weird Hobbies
Love bowling? Cool. Still have a weird desire to play D&D? No problem. As long as you’re passionate about something, who cares what other people have to say about it? Find your passion and live it – f*ck the haters.

Did you know that healthy people actually sweat faster than unhealthy people? Also, who cares if your body needs to cool down more than other people’s. It’s natural and trying to stop it or hide it is a waste of time and energy (and might even make you sweat more). Pit stains aren’t something you need to be ashamed of, their liquid proof of hard work.

These are your body’s stories – don’t cover them up, show them off. Whether it’s from surgery, a bad fall, or that blurry tequila-fuelled night in Bangkok you don’t completely remember, it’s a visual imprint that screams, “I’ve lived.” People without scars are boring.

You literally can’t stop it or hide it. So instead of wearing hats all the time, embrace the fact that it’s a dominate trait. Trust us, holding on to thinning hair is not the option you want to take – you think Bruce Willis thought twice before taking it down to the dome? Suck it up, shave your head, look cool.

Being Single
If anyone is making you feel bad about this, they are not your friend and you should punch them in the mouth.

Exercising (When Unfit/Overweight)
We’re not talking to you gym rats – we know you’re prouder than a new mother to show off your latest selfie – but for those of you who are just getting back into the swing of things or trying to lose weight, GOOD for you. You’re making a healthy choice. Don’t let body images or insecurities get in the way; do your thing and throw a dumbbell at anyone who suggests otherwise.

Asking for Help
This is how people learn. When you make someone feel stupid for not understanding something, they won’t ask you for help the next time they need it. And what if that person is an airplane technician? Yeah, we went there. Just let people learn, dammit, and all will be fine.

Dining Alone
It’s not embarrassing to eat alone – in fact, it’s awesome. Order whatever you want (including two desserts if it strikes your fancy), people watch, read the paper, catch a game on the big screen. Trust us, a lot of people dining together would kill (hopefully not literally) to be eating alone. Enjoy it while you can.