Maripier Morin: Today’s Notable Young Professional

Maripier Morin is a TV host, a brand ambassador for Revlon and a spokesperson for the Foundation of Stars. Maripier is also the host of her own YouTube channel, Pardon My French, a haven for skincare advice and style inspo from one of the most beautiful and charming Québecois women you’ve ever seen.

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Saturday March 25th from 2pm-4pm


Do you know where you got your drive from?
From my parent’s encouragement, but also from training in figure skating as a kid. It motivated me to be a hard worker and made me a stubborn perfection seeker. I also need to mention my best friend/agent/stylist Patrick Vimbor. Without him, I highly doubt I would be where I am today. He taught me that perfectionism and rigour will make me rise to the top.

How do you stay self-motivated?
I always set very high goals for myself. I like to keep an organized schedule that I follow religiously in order to achieve the dreams I had since my childhood. When I can cross one from my bucket list, I’m on to the next one!:)

How would you describe your process for deepening relationships?

I think that listening is a great way towards showing respect and empathy to another person. I believe that thought this process a true feeling of trust can be put in place and solidify long term relationships in friendship like in love.

What are your preferred tools for keeping organized?
My online calendar. If you take it away from me, I might have a mental breakdown!

Who has been your mentor in helping you find success?

Older women are always important to be remembered and to be looked upon as inspiration. They have the experience to guide us through difficult times and have the vitality to lead the way to a brighter future. My mother is my first mentor, she gave me the tools to succeed today.

What social issue does your organization raise awareness for?

The Foundation of Stars is dedicated to raising funds for paediatric research. It plays an essential role in the lives of sick children and their families, which resonates most with me.

How and where do you continue to learn?

I am always seeking to do better! My instincts push me to find new ways to do new things and it is through trying different projects that I keep learning about the different aspects of life.

Do you have maripier-morin-notablea fitness ritual that you live by?
I workout 5 days a week! I like to mix gym routines and boxing with my personal trainer.

How do you feed your soul?
By spending time with my friends and my family. They are the rock that keeps me grounded.

How would you describe the eating ritual that makes you feel most powerful?
I feel the most powerful when I eat healthy, organic and tasty foods. However, I love to treat myself when I feel like it, a good slice of pizza and a bag of chips can really hit the spot. It’s all about balance; when I can control this balance, I feel the most powerful.

Who is your favourite personality to follow on YouTube?

Hands down, Yolanda Gampp on the channel “How To Cake It”.

What type of content do you find most compelling on Instagram? Fashion.
Who is your favourite artist? Lady Gaga
What is your favourite meal? Spaghetti and meatballs
What is your favourite sport to watch? Golf
Where is your favourite place to unwind? London, Ontario.