NFL Sends Emotional ‘Kiss Cam’ Love Letter To Football Fans

‘Kiss Cam’ stunts can result in epically awkward situations and are probably to blame for a few premature breakups.

Earlier this week, however, the Kiss Cam was put to use to communicate a brilliant message.

The Ad Council and NFL joined forces to create a powerful Valentine’s Day PSA called Love Has No Labels. The message – sent loud, large and clear – is that love comes in a variety of shapes and forms. A new now-viral video shows couples of various races, genders, ages, ethnicities, disabilities and religions locking lips and spreading love on the 2017 Pro Bowl kiss cam.

“Kiss Cams have been a part of sports culture for years. At the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl in Orlando they became a part of something bigger,” reads the text at the beginning of the video. As the camera scans the arena, it stops on a man and woman who find themselves in the centre of the heart outline.

To the delight of the audience, however, the man turns to a gentleman on his other side and kisses him instead. As the video continues, the cam featured a mixed race people, an elderly black couple and two young female friends.

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