Young Athlete Profile: Ryan Cochrane

The Olympics have passed, and while you, like many young professionals, are facing rush hour traffic head-on, stressing about that big presentation on Friday, and competing against co-workers for that coveted promotion, there is a whole other genus of YP out there about that just faced one of the most important milestones of their careers. Instead of the commute to the office downtown, these YPs travelled across an ocean to get to work. Rather than a PowerPoint presentation in front of peers, these YPs are presented their work to the world. And no one knows better about competing with colleagues than them. Welcome to Notable’s Young Athlete (YA) profile series, where we will be giving you a snapshot of a notable Canadian athletes from this summer’s biggest sporting event, 2012 the London Olympics. Introducing Ryan Cochrane…

Name: Ryan Cochrane

Sport: Men’s Kayaking

Years Active: Earned two bronze medals at the Pan Am Championships in 2000. 

London Olympics: Canoe Sprint – Men’s Kayak Double (K2) 1000m and Men’s Kayak Double (K2) 200m

What is one quirky fact about Ryan that no one else knows? “I once caught a 2-pound trout at my cottage when I was young.”

What are Ryan’s alternative hobbies or interests? “I am interested in building and crafting with wood. Making things yourself gives those objects more value.”

Which individual does Ryan admire, and why? “My grandfather Walter Cochrane for his ability to make people listen without raising his voice and being an invisible family glue. Wish he was here to see me race proudly for Canada at the Olympic games.”