YEDaily: Reyhan Sofraci

Elevator Pitch: Describe your business in a nutshell.
Aqua Di Lara is a high-end brand of swimwear and resort wear that is comprised of luxurious and trend forward designs for the sophisticated and eclectic customer.

Why did you start your business, what was the inspiration?
I always had a passion for lingerie and swimwear. I would purchase basic suits, cut them up, embellish them and create my own look. People encouraged me to pursue my own business and I finally decided to follow this passion and went for it.  

What is the best part of what you do on a day-to-day basis? The most challenging part?
I love the creative aspect and how we always try to set trends instead of following them. I also love how we meet so many interesting people as a result of being in this business.

Where do you see your business going in 5 years?
We would like to expand globally in stores and have grown our ready to wear department in clothing.  We would ideally like to offer our products throughout the seasons as opposed to just spring and summer for which we deliver today.  

What does success look like to you?
Once we are the sought out brand for women who love and appreciate original design and seek Aqua Di Lara for all their trips.

What is the most memorable milestone in your career?
When we were featured in Sports Illustrated and Both these editors are bombarded with products on a daily basis, for them to have picked ours to feature was the biggest compliment of all.

Do you have any advice for other young professionals?
Life is not easy and, like everything, a business is full of challenges. There are many risks and obstacles, but if you believe in it and have a support network and partners who have the same vision that you do, anything is possible.


Do you support any charities? If so, which one(s) and why is that important to you?
We are involved in many charity events. We always give away products to raise money for health, people in need and the environment. They are all important to us – I cannot pick just one as being the most important. They all need support, and on a personal level I believe in them all.

What is Notable to you?
Follow your passions. Love what you do, do what you love. Life is short, it is important to wake up in the morning and look forward to your day. Be a dreamer but also be realistic…

Blackberry, iPhone, Android, or Other?
Just got the Blackberry but no BBM! Can you believe it!?

How do you keep active, energetic, and vibrant?
I love hiking, dancing, travelling, enjoying life to the fullest. I am a very eclectic person and try to see the best in everything; this is what gives me the drive to pursue anything.   

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