Why You Need to Up Your Dating Game With a SuperDate

If you’re one of the many single millennials navigating the dating scene, you’re likely using dating apps and meeting a lot of people.

Unfortunately a lot of these “dates” barely qualify as such due to the casual dating culture we’ve become accustomed to.

Many women complain about being offered boring and unoriginal date ideas that don’t excite them.It’s not just women who crave something more exceptional, though. It’s very common for both men and women to be matched with someone on a dating app like Tinder, only to be invited out for an anti-climactic, unremarkable, and uninspired date.

These non-dates are usually something incredibly mediocre such as a casual cup of coffee – or, even worse, ‘Netflix and Chill’. These are not dates. We deserve better. We deserve to go on SuperDates.

So, what is a SuperDate?

It’s a date that strays from the mediocre and instead promises to be unforgettable, unique and special. It’s up to you if you prefer an active SuperDate such as a picnic at the finish point of a beautiful hike, or a cultural SuperDate such as a wine tasting night followed by a concert or a play. Many SuperDates also involve dining at a great restaurant or engaging in a unique and fun activity such as zip-lining, spoken word poetry, or improv comedy.


By discouraging the boring meet-ups at Starbucks and the amateur evenings in front of the TV, and instead opting for a truly awesome date, SuperDates are undoubtedly the key to success in dating.

It goes without saying that we could all benefit from going on more SuperDates as our generation is hungry for real connections. A movie night is about as exciting as eating a bowl of plain vanilla ice cream, but a SuperDate is the rainbow sprinkles you so desperately need in your dating life – and in that ice cream. New couples who integrate rainbow sprinkles in the form of awesome and unusual date nights dramatically increase their chances of building special memories and a strong bond compared to couples who stick with vanilla date nights.

A phenomenal date can leave you feeling spell-bound, tingly all over and permanently smiling. This is the type of date promotes a special connection and chemistry. If things are going well with someone you’re dating, this is the type of date that will keep that momentum going. If you’re planning a first date, however, remember that a fantastic first date allows you to hit the ground running so that you stand out from everybody else.

Inspired and looking for some real date ideas? Look no further than the a Canadian app called – you guessed it – SuperDate. (They’re also currently paying Canadians for SuperDate ideas.) 

It’s helping to bring back the real date by introducing users to a plethora of SuperDates to choose from, which the community can rank and join. It’s the only dating app completely structured around shared interests and offline activities, and encourages us to opt for memorable, real life experiences that are creative and exciting instead of awkward and mundane.

The casual hook-up culture is depressing and unfulfilling; it’s time to put chivalry, romance and excitement back into dating. The best way to form a genuine connection with someone is to build memories based on exceptional real life experiences – you know, SuperDates. Let’s change dating for the better. We all deserve it.