The Truth About Tonight’s Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse

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The Full Moon in Leo & Lunar Eclipse Is A Powerful Opportunity To Start Something New

Today is a very special day in an astrological sense here on Earth, we’re experiencing a lunar eclipse and a Full Moon in Leo at the same time.

The internet is freaking out because this much astral activity is often interpreted to be ominous and scary, like the Full Moon and eclipse will stir things up in our lives and force upon us something we don’t want. In fact, that would be the opposite of what a lunar eclipse offers us astrologically — the opportunity to change and re-set our lives with intention.

True, there are numerous interactions happening in the sky right now: there’s a Full Moon eclipse on Friday night, and then the Moon will move past the eclipse into a trine with Sagittarius before passing through Virgo at 9 degrees on Saturday morning. Where the Moon is passing through Virgo on Saturday is at the same degree point where we had a New Moon last summer, when August turned into September. At that time, Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury, was in retrograde.

This is the most important bit of astrological information you should hold onto during this celestial party:

Because a Full Moon is returning to the exact same place it was born a New Moon last summer, at 9 degrees Virgo, the Moon is finishing something it started and is offering us a chance to put it to bed, or finish it off. Because Mercury was retrograde at the time of the New Moon in Virgo last summer, there’s a chance that what is finishing now, at the Full Moon in 9 degrees Virgo, was uncomfortable or unwanted.

If something in your life has been weighing you down or making you feel uncomfortable, this is a powerful moment to act, choose and cultivate brand new energy.

The eclipse will supercharge the change that this Full Moon brings, and an eclipse isn’t dark energy — it’s the absence of light, like a blank slate. The eclipse gives you the space to set new intentions and cultivate a new sense of awareness to move forth with.

The Full Moon in Leo is all about inner wisdom. Think about a lion and how he rules his kingdom, with a calmness and authority. That’s exactly the energy you should meditate with tonight, an inward focus with calmness and authority over your own life. Identify what you really don’t love in your life, and haven’t loved in your life since last September, and choose to re-set without it now.

Listen to your intuition and trust your own insights, and use the power of the Full Moon returning back through Virgo, and the Eclipse, to get rid of what isn’t working for you.

Tonight is a time to create change, and change is a beautiful thing.

A Full Moon Ritual By Energy Muse

Clear your energy
Burning sage or Palo Santo incense cleanses your body and your space. The energy of the moon is the most powerful when it is full, so you don’t want to be surrounded by negativity or any negative influence while your performing your ritual.

Form a sacred space
Connecting with the full moon energy is most powerful when you are directly under it, outside in nature. Gather a few items, like healing crystals, candles and any other sacred items that speak to you. For this ceremony, you want to have a candle, a loose piece of paper, a pen, and some form of water. The water can be in a small bowl, your bathtub, or the ocean, but have something in mind. You can also create a spiritual ritual if you have rutilated quartz.

Reflect on the waxing moon
Looking back at your journal or closing your eyes and recalling the past two weeks, what has come up for you? What things have held you back? Why is this intention inspiring to your soul? As you clear your mind and center yourself back on your full moon intentions, take the piece of paper and write down what you would like to release. This could be a belief you hold, a habit, anger or sadness—anything that is interfering with aligning with your intention. Sometimes the very thing we release is the intention itself, if we realize they no longer fit the person we’ve grown into, or we set the intention for the wrong reason. Sign and date the page and write, “I now release this.”

Release what does not serve you
Allow yourself a moment to sit with what you are releasing and say to yourself, “I now let this go. It does not serve me.” Take the corner of the piece of paper over the candle and allow it to burn away what you are releasing. Watch as it literally dissolves before you, and it no longer exists in your life. Sit for a few minutes and meditate on what you can achieve and what can come forth now that you’ve released what was blocking your journey. As you destroy one thing, something new has room to come into your life. Make sure you use the light of the full moon to manifest the new as well.

Cleanse and re-energize yourself
Releasing of anything is a deeply emotional journey. It is simple to create a moon bath. Set yourself a hot bath filled with Himalayan salt. As the salts work to pull toxins out of your body, you can relax and check in with yourself and refocus your intentions. You may also find it more empowering to go for a swim in an ocean or lake under the full moon. If neither of these options works for you, you may place your hands in a bowl of filtered water and gently massage them to cleanse. As your full moon intentions shift each month, and you release different things, you may also change which way to cleanse based on what feels right at the time.