#WeTheOther: Raptors Fans Fire Back After CBS Leaves Them Off of Poll

CBSSports.com ruffled the feathers of Toronto Raptors fans ahead of game one of the Eastern Conference finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers tonight.

As you may have heard, the website ran an online poll asking, “Who will win the NBA title?”

Naturally, #wethenorth fans would have taken the hometown choice. The only problem was that there wasn’t one.

The options were: Warriors, Thunder, Cavaliers, and Other.

Not surprisingly, this sparked a social media backlash as proud Raptors fans responded loud and clear with the hashtag #WetheOther, playing on the ever-popular “We the North” marketing slogan. This afternoon, the “Other” option was finally changed to “Raptors.” It didn’t take long for it to dominate the polls, either. As of this afternoon, 95 per cent of the votes cast were for Toronto’s beloved team.

“We posted it before Game 7! Raptors/Heat wouldn’t fit! We love you, Canada!,” the tweet said.

Um, thanks?

John Tory wasn’t having any of it even after the “apology”; the mayor of “the other” penned a witty letter to the CBS chairman, speaking collectively for Toronto. He reminded the organization that “the other” was home to 2.8 million residents, many of them CBS Sports viewers.

Oh, and that basketball was actually invented by a Canadian.